Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I counted.....

Yep, I counted and I gave second series that way a structure:
After supta vajrasana a bit more than one-third is done.
After karandavasana the second-third is done.
....then only the last third has to be done to finish the middle part and at home I omit the headstands as I lack room.

After ardha matsyendrasana half of the middle part of the second series is done.

This knowledge keeps me on my mat. Only 10 asanas are doable, 14 asanas are doable, too, and then half of my practice is done. The rest is a piece of cake, I think and I go on.

I had a very committed, yet relaxed practice today.
The highlight was that I could balance in dwi pada sirsasana. This is the pose where both legs are behind the neck and one is in a sitting position. The hands are in prayer position in front of the chest. I can only go into the pose with the sofa in my back as support. This is the next step to manage it to do it without the sofa.

In order to learn a pose it can make sense to break it down in tiny steps.

Carnival today: I go downtown with E to party a bit. I couldn't convince him to paint hearts on our cheeks. Hehehehe. No masquerade for us. Be yourself.......hahahaha.

Picture: a vegan dessert consisting of fresh pineapple, vanilla soy pudding and wild cow berries.

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