Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home practice.

The obstacles: weight and overstretched legs (left leg more than right leg).

With 48 kg pashasana is not possible. I role on my back. I knew this and accepted it.
Kapotasana is a nightmare with each gram too much. Without adjustments I can practice this pose only modest. Will it ever improve, I wonder. (But it improved already.)
My overstretched leg told me to practice with a lot of care. I started with the CD by Sharath. This gave me again a perfect rhythm when I continued alone, without the CD.

Second series is better to practice with overstretched legs. It has less forward bending asanas.

I practiced all the poses. Few breaks happened, very few and my practice is finished before noon. This means, I've time for so many other activities that are on my list.

Such a yoga practice is never only good or bad, it has a lot of shades.

Practicing yoga means to control the body, the breath, the thoughts and with this also the feelings.
Being aware of this is sort of detachment.

10 min relaxation finished my practice.

The sun is shining. My body needs a bath to relax, before I go out to walk a bit.


Nobel said...

Hello Ursula,

"With 48 kg pashasana is not possible."

I don't want to sound rude, but I'm 60 kg and I can wrist-bind pasasana on both sides. But I'm a guy, so maybe there are anatomical reasons as well; but I think weight is a bit overrated; I don't think it has as much to do with being able to get into postures as you might think.

Ursula said...

It's all perfect, you'r not rude. I love honesty.

Perhaps you've long arms...hahahhaa.

It's my experience, nothing more.
It entertains me. I'm in peace with my shape...:)2 kg more or less, is OK. These are the well-known ups and downs coming from a balanced life (too good food sometimes).

Happy practices

Nobel said...

Thanks for sharing, Ursula. Now I'm really curious: Do you find that you are able to get into pasashana when you drop a couple of kgs?

Yes, one should definitely enjoy good food :-)

Ursula said...

Pashasana substitutes my scales when I travel.
47 kg and pashasana is possible. Above 47 kg I role on my back, it's OK, too.
Perhaps with time I become more flexible, but for now it is so.

I also read this in books by people who practice decades. This pose is easier with less weight.

But my life is fun and I love to eat out and.......it's all perfect as it is. It's just an observance.


Quentin said...

Pashasana has to do with shoulder flexibility and less body fat percentage. Excess body fat or bulky muscles restrict range of motion.

Increasing flexibility requires slowing down the practice, staying in the pose for 5 minutes and maintaining diet with lots of green vegetables and organic sulphur.

Body needs plant food to bend better.

Diets high in mucous also are not good for keeping the body limber. Less dairy products helps with a less stiff body.

Whey protein is not good for being limber.

Ursula said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Quentin.

Yeah, I just imagined the pose, shoulder flexibility is important, too.

I'm glad to hear that you don't drink and eat milky products. Nor do I.