Monday, March 07, 2011

Habits, habits, habits......

My yoga place is occupied by another yogi now. It used to be me who placed the mat next to the heater. I got up later, left later my home, arrived later at the studio, and my yoga place was taken. A challenge, I had to be flexible. I have now another fav place,which I even like better.

When I want to know if yogini xy is in the shala today, I know exactly where to look. They all have fav places, regular places. To practice every time at the same place is a habit. Quickly people form habits. This might facilitate life. We feel safe. We eat every morning the same breakfast, or we don't eat at all. We have all routines in all areas of lives. Some are healthy, some can even destroy us.

Also re yoga we have habits. It can make sense to have a closer look at them.
It's unimportant where I practice. It can be an exercise re flexibility to change the place from time to time.

My best yoga habits are:
- I practice on an almost daily basis
- I write about my yoga practice. This reflection helps to improve my practice.

My habits that could need modification:
- At home I omit often the 10 min relaxation at the end. This I definitely will change.

From time to time it makes sense to go through the routines and habits in all areas of life: yoga, eating, relationships, work.

And what are your good yoga habits?

PS: More and more cafés offer cappuccino with soy milk. It makes sense to ask for it.



Anonymous said...

Great post. I've seen a couple people in yoga classes leave the class entirely if they don't get their spot by the heater. Ha! To each his own I suppose.

It is nice to be gently or even abruptly encouraged out of our habits. It's helps us grow and be open to more.

p.s. oooh I love soy capps, yum yum!

Quentin said...

My yoga habit is that I like to practice personal yoga at gym or other inside public place, not having much of a home practice at home.

When at studio, i often seek another place for each visit, although I do not now go to yoga studio other than to do led Class in Ashtanga Yoga for Life. When i do go to studio, when the teacher requests students to move up front, usually I do so.

A habit I have developed when dropping in a studio, I try to do the more advanced version of an asana, or sometimes the beginner version, depending upon how I am doing that day.

Ursula said...

Thank you DianeCruz,

I think habits facilitate life, but they can become easily an addiciton and limit ourselves.

Good to check them from time to time. Good to find out if they are supportive or destructive in the worst case.

Good night

Ursula said...

Yes, Quentin, I think that you too have very strong habits. It's your daily practice. What I see is that you study a lot about yoga, also on a very regular basis.

Thank you for sharing your habits.