Friday, March 25, 2011

Habits and how to change them.

This post was inspired by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt. I have the book "The power of focus" in hand and what they wrote about changing habits convinced me.

I applied the method to one of my yoga habits that I like to change: taking too many breaks when practicing at home.

Here is the 3-step method:
1. Identify a bad habit and then think about the future consequences.
2. Define your new successful habit.
3. Create a three part action step. Means take action and focus on the three immediate action steps.

Let's see how I apply these steps:

1. I still take too many breaks when I practice at home. This is clearly a bad habit. I have enough strength to practice primary or second series in one session. The future consequences: These breaks need perhaps 20 min every day when I practice alone. This is minimum one hour and 20 min every week. This is five hours and 20 min every month. This makes several days in a year. What a waste of time. My breaks add up. Instead of dawdling around I could spend a few days in Paris.

2. I want to get into the habit to start my practice and to finish it on my mat, without walking around, changing music, reading emails. Now dawdling between setu bandhasana and urdhva dhanurasana anymore.

3. Action steps:
- I will set a timer. Within 2 hours my practice shall be finished. This does not allow me to take breaks.
- I will tell myself that I'm able to do it as I don't make breaks during classes as soon as I feel the impulse to dawdle.
- I will focus on my breath for several deep breath and then I'll go on.

And what is your habit you want to change for the better?
Perhaps you omit vinyasas?
Perhaps you forget to do uddjay breathing?
Perhaps you push too much and you're therefore too often injured?

Your comments are welcomed.

Picture: My breakfast. I add soy yogurt to it. What luxury in the morning already.


Artists Valentine said...

I've been doing the same thing with little breaks in my home practice. Like I get some water after finishing the standing pose sequence, Or I get to the backbends and I start to fizzle out at home, when I'm fine in class, no need for breaks aside from the briefest of water breaks. Maybe I'll try some of those ideas!

Ursula said...

I know that it's not only my issue. To develop concentration is not easy and that's what it is.

I wish you good luck and let me know how it went....:)