Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A cowboy.......

An old cowboy enters a bar and orders a whisky. He sits down and sips at his drink. Soon after a young woman comes in and takes place at the stool next to him. She looks at him for a while and then she asks: "Are you a true cowboy?"
"Well," he answers, "I've spent all my life at a ranch and half of it on the backs of horses. I've repaired fences, I've herd animals and I've marked cows with the branding iron, thus I'm no doubt a cowboy."

She says: "And myself, I'm a lesbian. I think the entire day of nothing else but of women. When I wake up in the morning I think of women. All, what I do, if I shower or watch TV makes me thinking of women."

A bit later an old couple comes in and sits down next to the old cowboy and asks: "Are you a true cowboy?"
"Well," he answers, "I've always been thinking I were one, but I just found out, that I'm a lesbian."


Anonymous said...

"Labels" (cowboy, lesbian) can be dangerous .... and funny.. Thanks for my first laugh of the day, Ursula!

Ursula said...

I had to laugh the entire day, yesterday.
I found a book "Learning about philosophy via jokes". It's so good.

Yep, it relaxes this face when one has to laugh.....have a fantastic day.

Ursula said...

I hope not so much got lost in translation, but when you laughted the message must have been clear.

Anonymous said...

I have repeated this joke to many I know.. all women... laughed hysterically as the "punch line" was not what they expeced. Last nite I told the joke to my husband, he knew what was coming at the end as soon as I said "an old couple comes in".. "What does that say about you?" I said to my husband. He says "I must think like a cowboy" (wink)..

Ursula said...

Hahaha, this is very funny. I didn't know that you were married to a cowboy, Debb.

E was surprised and laughed.