Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Not so much was possible yesterday. It was as if my brain would explode when I was in downward facing dog. After each pose I had to clear my nose. This was not so joyful. After my tiny practice till utthita parsvottanasana I felt better, for sure, my breathing channels felt clearer, even cleaned. But this was it. I felt still weak.

Nevertheless, I lot can be done that supports the usual session, even on such low-energy-days. The Ashtanga yoga practice also exercises the mind. I learn to stay focused, to concentrate on the breath. This can also exercised isolated.
I enjoyed 10 min meditation.
Simply to sit has so much beauty.

Picture: Enjoy with me the rock of Gibraltar. I gave a name to the picture: "The 3 elements". Water, earth and the sky, air. All is in blue, the different structures make the picture lively. Thank you Mahesh, a very lovely shot.

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