Monday, March 28, 2011

Concentration, an exercise for the mind.

I can do it, and I want to practice all the asanas and vinyasas in a row. This is my new mantra. Each time when I feel the impulse to leave my mat for a bit distraction, I say silently this sentence to myself. It's effective.
The performance of the asanas was a bit neglected today. I practiced second series. I know that being focused needs energy, too. Only once I tried kapotasana, not twice, I felt it, it would have exhausted me. From one asana I went to the other without judging. I wanted to stay on the mat during these 2 hours and I stayed. This alone was the goal (and not to improve the asanas).

The mind is like a source, it's bubbling all the time. Every second a new exciting idea comes into mind: leave the mat to take a break, check your mails, perhaps someone has written to you, look what your neighbours are doing. I enjoy all these ideas, but when I practice yoga they are not supportive.
The mind can be exercised as well. It's part of the yoga practice. These bubbles can be directed in one direction: I can do it, and I want to practice all the asanas and vinyasas in a row. I discipline my thoughts for 2 hours. Please realize that I don't use the word "break" in that mantra. The mind understand only positive messages. "No break" gets translated into "break".

Exercises of the mind:
1. Focusing on the breath.
2. When the impulse comes up to take a break, I say my mantra, see above.
3. When thoughts come up like "it's not possible", I change this thought into: "practice and all is coming".

I can do it, is a positive message, a positive thought. Yes, I can do it, I thought and it became true.

Thinking starts here: Take any event and try to see the positive aspects and the negative ones. It's all there. The question is which thought is useful to achieve any goal.

Great practice today. When I had finished my practice, lunch was ready. It was 12:00 by then.

My mother had prepared Sauerkraut and potatoes. I ate too much. A mantra for tomorrow could be: I can live from air and love alone.

Picture is taken by Mahesh. Thank you.

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