Monday, March 14, 2011

Best intentions.....

I had best intentions. I left my home on time.

Oh, I could have known it, it was on the radio. Smoke at Karlsplatz Stacchus stopped the public transportation. But I thought when I come, everything must be over already. It wasn't.

My legs didn't bring me to an U-Bahn station. Instead I walked around and observed how the city awakes on a Monday morning. It was fresh, which was nice. Some people stopped at some open cafés to get a coffee. I sat down somewhere, where I could get a cappuccino with soy milk and read in the book that was in my handbag.

This week is a week of home practices. Shall this be OK. I'm flexible.
It's possible to practice alone, without the energy of a group.

I felt like walking today. Not that I think one should follow each and every mood. But today my legs decided what to do and I was shopping, too. This is instant gratification. Perhaps I needed this.

Picture: Dolphins. A very special picture taken by Mahesh. Enjoy. I've never seen so many dolphins next to each other. It reminds me of the Mysore classes in India.

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I could feel myself along this walk and relaxing with the coffee ... :) These are the things which give you those moments of peace.

For many it is yoga holidays which give them that tranquality but it was soothing to read your blog today.