Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arrived in Lisbon, Portugal

My E is more excited than myself when I travel alone. Three times he called me this morning to make sure if I have everything, the hotel vouchers, the passport, money for the taxi and and and. He is a frequent traveller. When I fly with him I only walk beside him not paying so much attention. When alone I suddenly gain unknown power and energy. Those who travel to India can also travel to Portugal, I think and manage all the challenges best. And here I am,  in best mood. The sun is shining in Lisbon, downtown.

The Portuguese eat late.
I'm a bit hungry. Of course I didn't eat the sausage in the plane.I got sick when I saw it. Passengers would also eat plastic on planes. It seems to me as if they gulp everything that is offered.
It's a nice body feeling to be hungry when sitting down at a dinner table. And I am hungry now.

Time to go hunting: salad and red wine.


Tui said...

Oh exciting to be travelling to Portugal - I shall live vicariously through you! What are you plans while you are there? Any ashtanga shalas in Lisbon?

Ursula said...

Enjoy the trip!

I just checked it. There is an Ashtanga yoga studio, but they offer only 1 class on Saturday.

I'll practice in the hotel: hotel practice so to say.