Friday, March 18, 2011

Another day in Lisbon

I especially love these tiny cafés here where the locals meet. The coffee and the sweets on the pic cost me 1.80 Euro which is indeed not much. There are many of these little cafés, some even offer something for lunch in that limited room.

I'm on yoga holidays.....hahahaha, which means no yoga in my case. Perhaps I've time today to role out my mat. Who knows. I take it easy.
Lisbon is such a beautiful city, I have to stroll around. Today E has not so much to do, so we can stroll around together.
I had no goal yesterday. I looked around and my feet ushered me somewhere. When I saw one of these little cafés I stopped for a coffee.
And I was shopping. The Portuguese people are indeed not that long like people in Germany in the meantime. It's a shopping paradise for me here. The sizes fit, nothing must be altered or shortened.

We should go to the sea today.

Time to have breakfast.

PS: yoga posts will come soon again.......

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