Wednesday, March 09, 2011

...and he is right.....

Back bending: Before I start my yoga practice I usually lie on my back with a block under my upper back. First I have it a bit lower and after a while when my back is used to the height, I make the height higher. (Hahahaha, difficult to explain, but the picture tells everything).

M gave me this exercise. It opens my upper back. The main intention was to prolong the inhaling in a position when pressure is on the chest. The ribs have to open.

I need a deep inhaling when I want to come up from urdhva dhanurasana. I'm too fast out of breath. M is so right.
I admit, I used to be in that pose and enjoyed how my back rounded more and more, but the exercise was to make the inhaling longer. Being in this pose is the extra challenge. It imitates how I am in urdhva dhanurasana.

It's a long way up from urdhva dhanurasana to standing position. The breath must be sooooooo loooooooog. Time to focus on this.

My plan is to exercise this in an extra session in the evening. Pranayama!

I had an excellent practice. I'm happy now, no, not in peace, not content, happy I am. Full of energy. Time to work. I do have a plan, I must update my accounting. I'm ready. Tralali, tralala, here comes the summer sun.....dubidubidu.......yeah the summer sun....

My shops are open 24 hours a day: enjoy buying. You deserve it. Wink.

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