Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Also today I practiced...

My yoga practice always ushers me to a healthy life style. Whenever I get lost, I find the way back to a reasonable, joyful life (in case I practice, what I do).
Yoga makes me get up in the morning on time (not lunch time), because I need time for it. When stress level is too high, I find ways to lower it. It makes me reflect and improve my organisational skills. In case of unhealthy drinking and eating my practice becomes so exhausting that I voluntarily get back to healthy drinking and eating habits.

I practiced today, one asana after the other. It was not such an exhilarating practice. I don't mind, I practiced. Tomorrow and on Friday primary is on the schedule. Friday afternoon I'll be on my way home to Munich.

Oh, the days here at my parents home are wonderful. Not only because I'm pampered. Every day we have a plan. Today we saw my brother, his wife and his hens. We had coffee and cakes first and then we visited the hens in the garden. They are so sweet. They like it to be caressed and carried around. And they are sooooo beautiful, the feathers shine in the sun. Pictures will follow.

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