Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wrong expectations....

When I clean my rooms they are clean after the session.
When I learn new words, I hopefully remember them after the learning session.

But there was a time where I stepped on the mat and expected to be flexible right from the beginning on.
Letting go of this expectation makes a practice more joyful. I know, I'll feel flexible after the session.

To enjoy the poses is it what I wish for myself today. Primary is on the schedule.

Extra love I'll give for jumping forward and backwards.
Extra attention will get supta kurmasana and of course urdhva dhanurasana.
Additional asanas when I practice at home are the split poses.

Yesterday I watched YouTube videos to learn from my fellow yogis and yoginis. OMG, YouTube seems to be a meeting point for narcissists and exhibitionists of all levels. I WAS entertained. The voyeurs decide what is considered funny, worth the time. I'm amazed how fast the yogini and yogi community has grown. No end is in sight. :)

I'm ready to focus and to concentrate on my breath.

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