Sunday, February 06, 2011

What motivates you?

What gets you going?
What ignites the fire within you?
It's a good question to ask yourself what motivates you to do anything.
It's an even better question to ask yourself what motivates you to practice yoga.

To watch videos of people doing yoga is for me a trigger for sure. I can scarcely sit anymore when I see postures that I haven't seen yet, but should be doable for me. I want to try it.
It also motivates me to look at yoga pictures of fellow yoginis/yogis. It's so amazing what we can do with our bodies.

My yoga week starts today with primary. It's late already and the later it becomes the more likely it is that I'll go to the led class with M at 4pm.

What motivates you to step on your mat?

PS: My desk looks already much better. And today I'll work in that area again, it will be even better on Monday.


Escents said...

I am motivated by a simple desire to give back to the world through my passion. In my case, I'm passionate about natural wellness using aromatherapy and essential oils, for both the body and mind. Knowing that what I am making is helping people all over the world feel good, motivates me to keep doing it. :)

Marina J said...

Motivation is the key to success. I am motivated by the feeling that I get from successfully accomplishing a job, overcoming obstacles and obtaining goals. The feeling of growing as an individual is also motivated me.
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