Friday, February 25, 2011

What if......

I just imagined how it would be if I could learn all the asanas very quickly, let's say within a week. Urdhva dhanurasana, no problem, within a week I could stand up and drop back. Supta kurmasana would also be no problem. Within a week I'd be able to cross the feet behind the neck and I could bind the hands. Quickly I'd be able to practice all the series, one through four. Ah, done.

The practice would become boring. The path is interesting, too, not only the goal, especially in yoga. The path means I get to know myself better, I experience myself in a learning position. I'm confronted with my attitudes. I watch videos to learn, perhaps I communicate with yogis/yoginis about asanas, which can be quite entertaining, too. I read books. I gain knowledge. The path might be much more exciting than the goal itself.

How rewarding, how satisfying it will be when I finally can stand up from urdhva dhanurasana after 6 years of practicing it on an almost daily basis. The Himalaya is conquered then.
Human beings need challenges. Perhaps not everybody, but many many love them.

It's a mercy that the Ashtanga yoga practice is so challenging. This is the kick.
The path is the goal and can be enjoyed, too. From time to time there are oasis to relax, to lean back and to enjoy what has been done already, but then the yoga journey goes on.

To beat the path through the jungle is what is exciting.

I'm ill, my voice disappeared. I cannot speak. This is like a punishment for me but I don't know for what. I cannot go to the led class, too. OMG. But I can write and I hear my inner voice and I can practice at home. Life is good despite the little obstacles that are only there to give me an opportunity to be strong.

Feeling weak I know that it can be good to do soft pranayama exercises and meditation. Yoga offers so much.


Grimmly said...

Sorry your ill Ursula, hope it passes soon. Must remember the bit about relaxing and enjoying what has been accomplished, hard to stop beating one's way through the forrest.
PS love the 'I love rain' Umbrella, yellow is perfect for the message.

Ursula said...

It will pass and it's a time to slow down, a good exercise.

Dearest grimmly, my tornado, enjoy what you've accomplished, it's so much. We Ashtangis have this ambition gene. Some extra love from time to time can balance this.

The umbrella can be bought, hahahaha, it can be a present. :)

lilasvb said...

rest well

Ursula said...

Thank you...:)