Friday, February 04, 2011


I practiced yesterday at home. The vinyasas were my focus. They need extra attention, some extra love. Oh and it's so difficult to stay calm and relaxed and patient and not getting angry. Each time when I jump forward the feet touch the floor or the arm, rather the floor. The jumping backwards (or floating backwards) isn't better either. I feel stuck here. Probably I need more strength and more technique, too.

This is yoga: it has also challenges for the mind. My practice gives me also instant gratification. It feels good to be in the asanas. But many asanas or vinyasas need years of practice till they satisfy me. To stay patient, not to give up, to learn, to handle set-backs, to do the daily work without grumbling and snarling are skills my yoga practices teach me.

What a joy, that I can go to a Mysore class today: I will give my best in every moment and I will hear how my feet touch the floor. I wil jump through again and again. One day the feet won't touch the floor anymore, I'll think.

And when this is achieved the next challenge arises at the horizon. Hahahaha, this keeps me lively.

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Jen said...

Vinyasas are new to me. Wish you would post more information about it.
Btw, I want to share a page I recently found, Yoga Poses while on Office

Ursula said...

Hi Jen,
Thank you for commenting.

There will surely write more posts on the topic vinyasa. Vinyasas combine the asanas. So stay tuned.

I once did a headstand in the office. My colleagues loved me for this.