Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday evening and I want to write again.

I want to write again. I don't care about the recommendation of prof blogger not to write and publish posts too often. It's one of the main critics from readers. I'm so in the mood to throw some words on the paper (PC). Who shall stop me, hahahaha......

I worked at my desk. The pile of paper that was growing again is now small again. It's still there, but smaller. I could file a lot of papers and some papers had to go. In addition I went through my magazines. Half of them are now in the backyard. It's a relief to let go. I feel it when I've created space, I feel it when my life gets easier.

Further, further, further......I think, and I know that there is still a lot to do.

My practice in the led class was very intensive this afternoon. The body was so flexible, I had focus. Focus has a lot of power. The mind was busy to observe the breath and the performance of the asanas. Everything else was absent, all the rest of my life didn't exist anymore so to say.

At home again, I bathed to relax my body. I'm ready now for second series tomorrow.

Let go, I shall think tomorrow on the mat when I exhale, let go, let go, let go, let go.......

....and don't forget to buy something via my blog. There are a lot of shops on the right side. This is the next post: my blog a shop???????


Fiona said...

I've also noticed before, when the mind creates space, the body too finds space.

Glad you've halved your bundle of papers, you've got me thinking of mine :)

Ursula said...

It is so good to get rid of things that have no use anymore. The party must go on tomorrow.

Have fun with becoming essential.