Thursday, February 10, 2011

Primary today....

After 3 days of practicing second series, I'm glad to practice primary. It became easier.
What's nice to see: my concentration improved. I don't need so many breaks anymore when I practice at home.
Primary seems doable.

Yesterday I watched soccer. In Germany we have a lot of talented very young players (18 sometimes only). I like to listen to the comments on soccer. Talent seems to be important. But it's not everything and the only formula for success. How to handle crises is also important. Success  is almost never stable. Ups and downs are everywhere.

I just heard in the radio that a young man (16) committed suicide because of a bad mark in English.

To be prepared that setbacks will come how talented or how good one might be at anything is good.
Simply going on and enjoying the breath, the little things that are available for everybody is my tip for today. Success is not everything.
Humor, staying healthy, having time for myself, knowing people whom I love is nowadays much more important to me.

Back to the basics. Inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling.

Time to greet the sun. It's even shining here today. What a day!!!!

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