Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Thanks to my friend Arturo I know now that I have to buy storage. I'm glad now that I know that it's not a criminal company that stands behind this demand. This was my fear. 5 USD are affordable. Within 24 hours I'll have new storage. Hahahahaha. I know my readers appreciate my pictures, so do I.

Btw, it's worth to click on Arturo.  The link leads  to his blog with many many pictures of places everywhere on this globe. His pictures from China are very special. Enjoy.

I got up too late, much too late. I have an ill man at home, my bf, this confuses my routines. Hahahaha, good that I can blame someone. Please realize how strong my immune system is. I don't get ill even though he is around me 24 hours. I blame yoga for this, hahahaha, and my cold shower every morning.

Second series is intensive. I slept a lot yesterday. The body needs it. I will get used to the intensive Mysore classes again. Oh yes, it's a huge difference if I practice alone or in a Mysore class with fantastic adjustments.

I'm looking forward to meet C for lunch. I love my life.

My constructions keep me busy and alive. Good that I can see this so, today.....:)

PS: Of course it pleases me when I see that you buy your amazon products via my blog. Links are on the right side of this blog.


Arturo said...

Dear Ursula
Aw, thanks! Glad you resolved the problem. I'll be posting pictures sometime in the near future of sites in beautiful mountains of western China.

Ursula said...

You're welcome dear Arturo. I'm looking forward to your China pictures....:)
Feel hugged, Ursula