Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, snow outside....

Mixed feelings: It's not possible to describe the feelings of a yoga practice with one or two feelings. Each asana brings new surprises. Suddenly supta kurmasana is fantastic which is experienced as an absolute high. Then the feet touch the floor again and again when jumping through, which reminds me of my fuck-it therapy. Other asanas are like they were for the last months, nothing moves. Feelings come and go during a session. At the end I feel always excellent.

Is it so that one of the few truth can be observed when I practice yoga: everything changes. All the time?

I played with a new muscles yesterday during the led class that I discovered because I read the books by Ray Long. Between leg and torso (on the inner side of the hips so to say), are muscles and they can help to bring the torso closer to the upper legs. They are surprisingly rather strong and they were undiscovered so far. Hahahaha. Find them, they are nice and improve the forward bending asanas.

The sinful weekend spoiled my weight: 47,8 kg this morning. Cruzifix (a German curse).
Yoga is to explore the limits during every session and not to perform the perfect pose and to be disappointed when the perfect form cannot be practiced. Let's see where my limits are today.....(Just a reminder for myself.)

I'll go to a Mysore class. The world is white here again. Who cares.......

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