Thursday, February 17, 2011

Morning has broken.

Morning has broken.
I'm planning my yoga session. It will be primary Ashtanga series today. The focus will also be the vinyasas. They are equally important like the asanas. They exercise the cardiovascular system.
Vinyasa is not vinyasa. There are a lot of variations.

New insights: When I jump forward I shift the body weight on my hands, the thighs move close to the torso. When I bring the calves closer to the upper legs, too, it seems to be easier to jump through without touching the floor with the feet. The general picture is that I have to make my body as small as possible. Imagination helps me a lot when I practice vinyasa.

A tip: Give attention to the vinyasa right from the beginning on. Vinyasas build strength. Bandhas and the correct breathing are crucial. To use visualisation helped me, too. Patience is necessary, for sure. The very first step is to lift up the body while sitting with crossed leg.

Habits that help me to be productive:
- I plan the next day the evening before (in writing).
- I work according to the pomodore technique means I use a timer: 25 min work, 5 min break and again.
- Everything that needs to be done is a project. I have a list of my projects and I go through the list on a daily basis.
- The very next step of every project must be clear. It must be written down as well.
- Breaks are also important.
- I'm reading positive litterature to motivate myself.

Picture: A sunrise can be seen in the middle of the Indian ocean. This is something special. Thank you very much Mahesh for this wonderful picture.

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