Saturday, February 26, 2011's only a cold.....

It's only a cold that I got. I'm not sure if I had fever yesterday night. I felt good enough to go out for dinner with my E. This was funny as my voice was gone. Totally. Usually it's me who is talking, obviously. Yesterday night I couldn't. Hahahahaha. It was a more silent dinner. I made signs with my hands to him to invite him to talk more. My E prefers to focus on the food. Our table neighbour laughed. It all reminded me of the saying: a man a word, a woman a vocabulary. I don't know what I'm talking all the time. Next time when my voice will be back, I'll listen to myself, too. :) My subji jaipuri was excellent and the Spain red wine Rioja pleased me very well, too. E had a Tali.

Today is my yoga free day, I wouldn't be able to practice. How quickly an organism can get weakened. I respect my body. I'm sure I'll take a nap again this afternoon.

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Joshua Lee said...

I guess an E can is a fork in the road that can lead to either ex or ecstacy ;)

Ursula said...

Hahahaha, thanks for your honest comment.
We have a peaceful beautiful relationship for 14 years. For long relationships one needs a long breath.

Ecstasy encounters often end too quickly is my experience.