Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm a pedant.

I'm a pendant and I've a foible for the perfect form. Details count, because also these details are important. The tiniest dirt on a white blouse totally gives a different image of the person who wears this blouse than a totally white blouse.
What a joy came up yesterday when I saw a picture of my friend Cara practicing trikonasana. She performed a simply perfect trikonasana. Please have a look! Here is the link to her blog btw. The lines of the body are perfect, the position of the head, the feet, the hands cannot be any better.

On the hand position: The hand that points upward is in line with the arm. The palm shows in the right direction. The fingers are closed (also the thumb).
Often I see that yoginis/yogis spreads the fingers. To do this needs energy. It's much easier to keep the fingers together than to spread them wide apart. The hand is not imitating a sparkler that shall  burn there at the rim of the event. There is supposed to be fire, but it's in the core of the body. It makes a difference if I give energy to a hand or to my bandhas. Here at the latest it's clear that these details count, a lot. Burning inside, in the core of the body makes an asana stable. With focus at the core of the body the asana becomes powerful. No knick-knack distracts.
To act from the middle of the body is important for almost every sports or dance. It was so when I practiced Aikido, but also when dancing it's so.
(But please test yourself: try the different hand position and realize the difference.)

There are "mistakes", such and such. Some can be avoided. The poses must be studied, explored. To observe precisely is surely also a skill.

...not everybody is a pedant. The reasons why someone practices yoga are different. Some might  want some fun. Others might want to meet some people. Others like to be creative. I don't judge. For me the details count, they are more important than it seems at first sight.

Thomas Gottschalk withdraws. This is an event. His family show "Wetten das?" accompanies me through the decades and this is so for many people in Germany. Everybody watched his show. Our sunny boy has style and depth. Wow, I'm impressed. He is mastering the art of letting go. After the accident last month where one man had an accident that paralyzed him, Thommy cannot get back to the familiar merriness. He sat down on his famous sofa to announce his end. It was difficult for him, oh yes. Thommy you are the best. Your blond curls, your smile and your sunny mind will be missed. The sometimes superficial acting entertainer shows greatness with this last act. Respect.


C.K. said...

You are so kind - thank you. I very much like your explanation of why the fingers are together. I am always trying to teach students that they may not be able to get the leg behind the head, but it is easy to close the fingers. They usually don't listen (many of the newer American styles have the splayed fingers, and many students here practice several styles and mix them all together).

Ursula said...

You're welcome dear Cara.
Your trikonasana is most beautiful.
I know that you are also an excellent teacher.....:)

Quentin said...

I have noticed differences in poses at multi-style studios from Ashtanga too often, but have learned to focus on my practice. Overall hatha yoga is beneficial: Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah