Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I should be content..

I should be content. I'm not. The poses are too volatile. 2nd series is a challenge.

I started my Asthanga yoga  practice with the CD by Sharath. This is always a good start and gives rhythm to my practices at home. When I switch off the CD the surya namaskara A and B and the standing sequence is already done. The body is prepared by then for the filling of the sandwich.

What counts is that I practiced, I know this too well. There are not every day highlights. This is so.

Concentration was good. I practiced without music on and I didn't make so many breaks. The trick is to postpone the breaks and to set a limit to the practice. Nevertheless I'm glad that I can go to a Mysore class tomorrow. I so got used to it, to the energy of the group.

Time to move on.

A challenge is also my new self-timer for my Nikkon.......Perhaps I can deepen my understanding of this technique today. This would be good. It would allow me to take pictures of the asanas that take me longer than 20 sec to do them.

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