Monday, February 28, 2011

Home practice? If, it will be a modest one.

I remember days where I felt better. No, I'm not complaining, it's a simple statement with a message for myself: take it easy today. A cold is nothing life threatening. Not to have a cold feels simply better.

My nose is clocked, my throat is still a bit sore, my face hurts as if I have fever, but I don't have fever.
A modest home practice is on the schedule, stress on modest. I know that it's good for the body to move.

What a luxury life I have: I know times where I went to work with a cold. Fever was the criteria if I stayed at home or not. For the time being I can give my body the time to heal.

Picture: Wow, such an awesome sunrise. Thank you Mahesh.


edward said...

I am always agree with home practice for yoga but first learn the basic norms of yoga then follow it from home, nice thing...

Ursula said...

Thanks for your comment...:)

Nourish said...

Not feeling well does make it hard to want to practice. Hope you feel better soon.

Ursula said...

My modest practice was very modest. It's OK.
I exercise letting go.