Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hero poses

Virabadhrasana B: Last time in the led class M showed us a possibility to adjust this hero pose. Fold the fingers and move the arms to the bended leg. This helps to bring the chest parallel to the wall. See picture.

Here is a check list for virabhadrasana B:
1. Is the rim of the foot of the stretched leg parallel? It has to be on the floor.
2. Feet position: the verse of the forward pointing foot is in the middle of the parallel foot. Both feet are in line. It can be helpful to put a scarf on the floor to check this.
3. The legs are engaged, the feet press against the floor.
4. The spine is long. This pose won't expose the backside.
5. The lower side of the bended leg is parallel to the floor!!!!!
6. The arms are relaxed and parallel.
7. The hands and arms are in line, fingers are closed.
8. Dristhi is the side.
9. Bandhas are engaged.
10. Hips are parallel.

To hold this pose for 5 breaths can be exhausting. It's a pose that builds strength.
There is a clear distinction between virabhadrasana A and virabhadrasana B.

My mistake in the first years: I stood too high. Nowadays I tend to stand a bit too low. Both mistakes make the pose easier. The body is upright (and not moving forward).
Pictures can help to improve this pose.

Virabadhrasana is considered as a beginners pose. When done correctly, it can be a challenge. What I see in classes is that most people stand too high and the feet are not in line.

I think it is important to take care of details. Be a hero. Stand deeply.

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Signifying Nothing said...

Thank you, this was helpful, and a good reminder to stand a little deeper into the post. I like the adjustment idea; I'll try it today. Also, I hadn't heard before that fingers should be kept closed in the pose. Do most people do this? I've never noticed it.

Ursula said...

Thank you for commenting.

Most people do not care about the details. I do. :)

Happy practices.

denise said...

I love warrior pose. it is so beautilful, it's a full grace asana. Your explanarion about the asana and details was great, specially for me that only practice alone. thank you!
by the way, I love your picture!

denise said...

I love Hero pose, it' such a nice asana, full of grace and srenght. thank you for your explanation and details.
i vove your picture!

Ursula said...

Thank you Denise for reading and the compliment.

I'm glad to hear feed-back.
It's a wonderful pose, warrior pose, when practiced correctly. This is possible for beginners, too, but one must know how.

Happy practices.