Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday is reserved for primary

Primary became so much better since I practice second Ashtanga yoga series.

Sweating is part of the practice. It is said that it detoxifies. I had to learn it. Usually I don't sweat much, but Ashtanga yoga taught me this body function. Also today my yoga clothes were wet after the practice.

I had an excellent practice in a Mysore class this morning, which means I had focus and I could go deeply into the asanas. Urdhva dhanurasana? It can be that it takes another 2 years till I'll be able to stand up alone. I don't care.

My goals have changed. I don't try to perform the perfect asana. Every time I practice I try to find my limits on that day, at that hour and then I try to push it a bit.

My practice wouldn't have been so good if I weren't in a group of committed yogis and yoginis. They give me so much power. Unconsciously. I'd go so far to say: If you have issues with anything to do it on your own, look for like-minded people who like to do the same. It's so supportive to have a group.

I went home after my practice. My bf is at home today and we had lunch together outside. He never forgets to say  that I'm beautiful. He says it so often that I start believing it. He looks at me as if he has seen me the first time in his life. He seems to be delighted to see me and he says: You are SO beautiful. He is so sweet.

I do have plans for the weekend. Work (which is actually fun) and cooking shall happen.
So before I go on here, I'll take a nap. The Gods seem to love me. Life is good.

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Quentin said...

Friday is Moon Day for Ashtanga yoga. Remember rest is good for the body.

Ursula said...

Yep, tomorrow I'll rest.

I'd have missed an excellent practice if I hadn't practiced today.
I'm so glad that I practiced dear Quentin.

Rules are made to break them. Yeah.

Quentin said...

Good for you, but I practice Ashtanga Yoga for Life with no injuries and Headquarters says to practice in the morning, rest on Saturdays and Moon Days. Namaste, my friend.

Ursula said...

Btw dear Quentin, Headquaters is not so strict as the reputation is. I had my led class in Gokulam with Saraswathi always on Saturdays.
Nevertheless I think it's good for you to respect these rules, I feel this.


Ann said...

I found this video on You Tube that shows an assist on Urdhva Dhanurasana. The practitioner can do a little rocking motion to help him lift up...maybe it would help you. Just a thought. Thanks for your informative posts.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Ann. This is a very interesting movie. It shows me to move forward.
I'm learning a lot by watching others and this video is helpful.
Thank you again for sharing it with me.
I'll try to rock more forward next time.
Time comes for another video with myself. Oh.