Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A can attitude.

Tomorrow is primary on the schedule. I'm learning to jump forward and backward. It improved already, but I'm not yet there. Sometimes I watch youtube videos to learn. Today I found a rather helpful yogi.

There are a lot of talents on youtube. OMG. Hahahahaha.

Perhaps the above video helps you, too.

My personal tip:
Start as as soon as possible to exercise it. I started much to late.
I agrre with the yogis above: a positive attitude, a can attitude helps a lot.


Robyn said...

It also helps to have a male physique! Women, even very fit ones, have more weight on their hips and bottom, so it is harder for us. Not impossible, just harder. Extra patience and kindness towards ourselves are also key ingredients.

Ursula said...

Surely true. What is good is that I see that it is possible.

I also watched women on youtube and it looked great how they floated back.

Yep, you mentioned it, patienc and extra kindness will do miracles.

Happy practices, Ursula

Nina said...

I'm not an everyday ashtangayogini and it has taken me several years to build strenght (and technique) enough to practice jumping at all. But now I really enjoy it! In some way it makes me feel happy - I CAN control my body :)

Ursula said...

This is also my experience Nina, it can take year till a pose or strength is developped.

Happy practices.