Saturday, February 12, 2011


The day is over.
These Saturday phone calls exhaust me. Totally. They last less than 4 min.

No, I don't envy anybody who has a car. I don't want a car, neither a small one nor a big one!!!!!!
I might have a lot of shortcomings, but I don't envy anybody who buys himself/herself a car. My wishes go in totally different direction. Was I not yet able to communicate this. I will be. I can be very clear!

Focus, focus, focus. The current moment offers me so much beauty.
The past is over, also the past of the last hour.

If Gottschalk won't moderate anymore the show "Wetten das?", I'll be sad. There was this accident 3 weeks ago. The man who wanted to perform a stunt, fell, and he is now paralyzed. A nightmare. The show will since then never be the same. I know this. The issue was not the stunt, the jumping over driving cars but the distraction of the mind. To perform anything in front of a huge audience makes a difference. This was it what made him fall. To have a laser like concentration, to blind out everything else but the one thing, one wants to focus on is enormous power. In most lives being distracted only weakens. In the last show "Wetten das?" someone was not focused 100% and this became a disaster.

Sharath said  in one of the conferences when I was in India 2 years that alone dristhi (gazing at one point, focusing the eyes so to say) changed his entire life. I know how profound this yoga technique can be.

(Was there a phone call?)

What is a gift: I even know what is my focus. It's my new life style, that allows me to practice Ashtanga yoga in the morning , that allows me to live according to my talents and wishes and so much more (wink).


Anonymous said...

Sat for an "eyes open" focus meditation on friday and it was just as relaxing as eyes closed. After reading your post, I will explore this further. Thank you!

lilasvb said...

i really have to foccus more on dristhis
thanks for reminding

lilasvb said...

i really have to foccus more on dristhis
thanks for reminding