Thursday, February 03, 2011

Am I a hero of daily life?

Home practice is on the schedule today. I woke up early and I got up early. This is a good sign. It seems as if I've a lot of energy today.

The difference between home practice and my practice in a Mysore class is that I explore the asanas when at home. I also add asanas like hanumanasana (split pose). When I practice in a Mysore class I practice as close as possible to the given series. I enjoy the flow then. My extra explorations interrupt my practice from time to time. Today primary is on the schedule, and this is good so. It became so much easier since I practice second series. This is another reason to start second series as soon as possible.

I know it will frustrate me, but focus will be the vinyasa, jumping forward and jumping backwards. Perhaps floating is a better word. Even this dynamic part shall happen controlled.

The whole day lies in front of me. Shall it be a prolific one. I want to be a hero today, a hero of daily life.

Picture: It's 13 years old. Redundant to say this was pre-Ashtanga time. The Labrador Jenny doesn't exist anymore. She is dead, she was such a dear dog. I was in love with this dog. Honestly.

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Quentin said...

The new moon brings another cycle of Ashtanga Yoga practice, Primary awaits for me in an hour with friends. It will be Half Primary led class up to Navasana then the finishing poses, including the jump backs. Cold rain maybe some sleet outside in a room with cold concrete floor, I must wear long pants and sweater for the practice.
We have dog over 12 years, part German Shepard and Husky, too.

Ursula said...

Oh, I'd love to live with animals. It's not realistic to have a dog or a cat. I travel much too often.

Huskys are beautiful....

Have a good practice. Ursula

Tracy said...

Labs are wonderful dogs~ I actually had such a strong bond with one that I used to walk, her name was Chipper. When she was in the park one day with her owner, she saw me from across the field and ran to me~ licking me and jumping up. So wonderful are these dogs!

Ursula said...

Oh, they are indeed wonderful animals. The owner of this dog let the children play with it. And Jenny accepted everything. She was so cute. My.....

DianeCruz said...

I love the sound of being a hero in daily life, it brought a smile to my face. Im going to have to try that! Thank you for the inspiration!

I'm a new follower to your blog and look forward to future posts. I will be sharing your blog to my co-workers at prAna clothing that also practice Ashtanga Yoga. They'll be stoked!

Ursula said...

Thank you so much DianeCruz.
Be entertained and inspired in the future, too.....:)

Greetings from Germany.