Monday, February 07, 2011

Accept what is. Yes, I do.

The Mysore class this morning was excellent again. M managed it to take my hands to my feet in kapotasana. This IS a highlight. Always. My toes are so sweet to touch.
All the other poses were great, too.

Afterwards I was at the post office to mail a letter from E. I bought some salads for myself in one of these luxury grocery shops. All was good, I liked my lunch.
Half an hour I wanted to rest on the bed afterwards. When I woke up I didn't know anymore where I was, what the time was. I knew nothing. First thought: Damned I've missed my yoga practice. Hahahaha. How could I think this. Slowly I arrived in the dreamland where we dream with open eyes.
I accept that this Monday was not so prolific as I wished. What else makes sense.
Yoga pictures I can also take tomorrow. It's too dark now here. Shall the picture of my salad decorate this post.

Tomorrow I set a timer when I feel like being horizontal. Haha.

How shall I spend the evening? I'll probably read a book on yoga, a novel. It was send to me from a publisher to review it. I've started reading it already and it seems to be interesting. Modern life is described in an entertaining way.

At least I've some good habits. My kitchen is clean. When I'll prepare a cup of coffee for myself tomorrow morning I'll enjoy this. A fresh day has started, I'll think. A new day and I'll be ready for new adventures, for fresh experiences when I do yoga poses. Second series tomorrow. :)

Accept what is!

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