Thursday, January 27, 2011

What to do, if an asana seems impossible....

There are asanas that seem to be impossible. My approach for those asanas:

1. These difficult asanas are often also the ones we don't like so much. I try to find anything that I like and if it is the fact that I like challenges. A positive attitude makes it more likely that an asana is also practiced.
2. I imagine myself doing this asana.
3. Watching others practicing it helps also. On YouTube everything is availabe. Once I saw a woman above 80 doing mayurasana. Since then I'm very motivated to practice this asana, too, with effort and optimism that it's within my possibilities. In addition I study the books of yogis/yoginis who have written about the asana.
4. I do what is possible, again and again. It can be helpful to break down an asana in it's single parts and exercise them isolated. I do this i.e. re jumping back.

Jungle camp: Desirée Nick said it yesterday. Rats, cockroaches and other bugs are nothing in comparison to the beast man. In the second week the campers show their real faces.
I have found my jungle king now. It's the victim of so many aggressions since Ms S has left the camp (voluntarily). He was accused because he talked to this Ms S. Lies were told about him behind his back.  He was target of intrigues and open aggression. Soon he was even isolated and sad. Oh, he cried, he felt so misunderstood. This man Peer is the one who was nice and open to everybody. How I can identify with him. Hahaha.Exactly how he must feel now I felt in companies. Oh, self-pity drops out of my words.

(I have an interview today. I have to go through my own cv. I live so in the present, the past is fading more an more. However everything goes today, it's OK for me.)

Oh, my approach to impossible asanas can be a formula for other impossible tasks in life, too. What a glorious idea....second coffee now.

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Grimmly said...

Good luck with the interview ursula, hope it goes well.

Ursula said...

Thanks Anthony. I think it would be good to work there. The job would allow me to go to the Mysore classes in the morning. What else can I wish??????

lilasvb said...

i like this post about " impossible asanas" with time those asanas becomes better and easier

Ursula said...

Yes, this is my experience. To exercise patience helps a lot.