Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend is over.....

Fuck it!
I think I wrote enough help-letters now. This is time-consuming. Oh no, not to write a help letter needs time, I type rather fast, but to find a link where to explain the issues. So no pictures today, I cannot upload pictures anymore. I don't buy a software that is for free and Picasa is for free. Point.

And I had such a wonderful practice this morning in the Mysore class. First I thought it's a typical Monday. When I arrived the doors were open to get fresh air in the yoga room. Fresh means cold air came in. Brrrhhhhhh, I thought, I will be stiff. One must give the day an opportunity to develop. With each breath, with each movement my practice became better. I practiced slowly, this makes second series a bit easier.
- Mayurasana was able for two breaths today.
- My one finger could touch the toes when I was in kapotasana. M adjusted me of course.
This has all influence on my mood, that is minimum 5 points better now.

I'm so thankful that I can practice Ashtanga yoga. Sometimes I think if the old dead yogis could see us practicing yoga only for an hour or so, they would be entertained forever in heaven or hell.

Buh, I take a nap now, before I attack my projects.......

And please, I want to upload pictures......

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