Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend, darlings.....

Weekend has come. It's time to relax.

In the jungle camp in Australia it became calmer, too. What to do, what to do, is the question now? Peer wants to play, Thomas lies lazily on the bed. The other two campers had to do another test. It became not only calmer, but also boring in the jungle.
As a yogi/yogini one has always something to do. Yogis/yoginis have always something to play: the own body, the breath, the mind.......

Yoga is a tool to enhance life. I like this definition that I found in the book about Guruji. Swenson said this.
In my case this is true. My growing passion for this Ashtanga yoga practice influences also other parts of my life:

During the interview 2 days ago I was told: At your age we don't hire people anymore. I like honesty.
The only possibility to work for this company is as a freelancer. I try to see this rather than an opportunity than a limitation:
It allows me to work around my yoga practice in the morning.
It allows me to work on my other projects. (I look up to the sky (ceiling) and think: might they develop finally.)
It's clear why they don't give contracts to people at my age: usually people get ill more often when older. In Germany one has a good protection then when working as an employee. As a freelancer it's pure luxury to get ill.
It's very important that I stay healthy:
Healthy vegan food, my yoga practice and an optimistic attitude shall keep me lively.

Life is limited. It will end. This thought is always a reminder for me firstly not to postpone anything and to do what I want, to do what is fun for me. It can be too late one day.
This was an optimistic post. Hahahaha........

...and about my pension I think later. This I postpone......OMG. Shall I remain full of energy.

Time to pamper E with his favourite breakfast during weekends. I got some Krapfen from the bakery.

Picture: yoga nidrasana. It's more or less supta kurmasana on the back. It's easier than supta kurmasana. For those who struggle with supta kurmasana, try the pose on the picture while lying on your bed. The softness of a matress will support the effort to take the legs behind the head. Supta kurmasana will become easier soon. Enjoy.


Quentin said...

Ursula you are an Ashtanga yoginni and should live to over 100 years, so you are now young and can do whatever you set your mind to do. Your practice of Ashtanga Yoga allows "control of the chitta vrittis (thought processes) to attain the highest union or `yoga`."

Ursula said...

Thank you Quentin, this is so nicely said and also true. I have the energy to do new things.

Happy practices to you.