Saturday, January 22, 2011


Nothing is on the carpet anymore, no book, no bag, no clothes, no files. I've created a playground. Without any effort a tiny yoga evening routine happened the last evenings. I didn't role out a mat, I didn't even change my clothes. At home I'm dressed comfortably, so I can move freely always. The asana sequence that I practiced I take from the book "Vinyasa Krama: Five Unique Sequences" by Matthew Sweeney. It's  influenced by Ashtanga yoga, but much lighter and easier (so far, I'm only at the beginning of the first sequence).

My focus when I practice at night: lightness. I play, I breathe consciously, I enjoy. No effort in order to accomplish anything in the future is done. I go with the flow.

1. The first part is moving from one simple asana to the next with each next breath. It's rather dynamic.
2. Then one asana follows the next and the asanas are held for 5 breaths. The exhausting vinyasas are missing. This makes the sequence easier.

In the evening every practice is easier and the body is more than ready to enjoy the poses.
Lightness, letting go, enjoying  are the key words that guided me through a mini practice in the evening.

A vacuum doesn't exist for a very long time. Look, look.

Yoga fair in Munich:
I dont have to go to every event. And I won't go this year`to the yoga fair that takes place this Saturday and Sunday. They want 60,-- Euro entrance fee and this is over the top. What do I get, I wonder. The yoga studios use it for advertising their classes. The shops want to sell me their clothes. The food was boring and expensive last time.
Last year the yoga classes were free. It was an opportunity to get to know new teachers and new yoga styles. It was very bad organised last year. I participated in an Ashtanga class. Yogis/yoginis joined all the time. This is not possible in an Ashtanga led class, because there is a progression in the practice. So we did only sun salutations. This year I shall  pay 30,-- Euro in addition for the same class. Thank you for the offer, but I'm busy.
I focus on what is important to me. I know many yoga styles: Bikram, Sivananda, Anasura, Iyengar, Jivamukti.
I know what I want: ASHTANGA YOGA. That's it for me.
I'm happy. This year I save time and money. 60,-- Euro entrance fee! are they crazy the yogis/yoginis or what? (I think last year it was 20,.. Euro, but I cannot remember very well anymore.)

Becoming essential saves time and money. It creates room for new things.

Are you strong I asked him (E) this morning. "Tell me what you want", he answered. I could convince him to go through his clothes and we discarded A LOT. Relief.


Paz said...

Sticking to essentials makes space for NOW. Future and past are the places we imagine we go to when we are escaping a mental or physical cluttered present.
It takes courage to just be here and to take inventory of the things we see as the only things we really need.

I was looking to a 10-year-younger portrait of you.

Your present YOU is way more vibrant and alive.

Love always,


Ursula said...

Dearest Paz,
I'm in peace with my age.

I also don't make a secret out of it. Never.

May I ask: how old are you?

Thank you for your love.

xoxo Ursula

Paz said...

I'm 39 and I love it!
I wouldn't trade the present me for the person I used to be.

I love you

Ursula said...

Good morning Paz,

Would you not like to exchange email addresses?..:)

You can write a commentwith your email address, I won't publish it, but I'll write back.


Chakra said...

I agree with you Ursula. The entrance fee is way too high. It should be as minimum as possible so that more people will come and learn about Yoga. Any attempts to rip off people should be resisted.
warm regards, Chakra

Ursula said...

Perhaps it's worth the money for those who are looking around. But I know what I want. I focus on Ashtanga yoga. I've looked around enough.