Sunday, January 30, 2011

The show is over.....

The show is over. The celebrities left the camp in the Australian jungle. Not the rats and cockroaches or the life in the jungle were the challenges but the others. What drama again. Also this year the spectators weren't disappointed. One could think that it should be possible to live in a group of 11 people for only 16 days in peace. But this is not possible for homo sapiens. Fights, jealousy, lies, envy and whatever entertained the German TV watchers (millions).

Peer won the race. Oh yes, I called too, much too often, hahahaha. He is now the jungle king, we all like titles. People obviously don't like boring people. The voter don't apologize it when they are bored. The liars and betrayers are also not loved. A hero, entertaining and fair, was found: Peer.

I couldn't resist to scan some of my pictures from my trip to Australia with E a decade ago (!). E showed me the world, I'm so thankful for this.

So and I can get back to my healthy routine again (since the TV show is over): early to bed, early up. Yoga as usual. To be on the mat at 9am remains the goal, also when I practice alone.
It's Sunday and my yoga week starts with primary.

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