Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mercy was felt with me.....

It's difficult to describe a practice in sum. There are always highlights, surprises and disappointments and this all in only one practice.

My back bending was excellent. All the poses that require to arch back felt good and I had the energy to repeat them.
I fell out of tittibasana B. I didn't understand this pose till now. It's a balancing pose. To fall can be dangerous here as I have not much space and it's possible to fall against the balcony doors. OK, I survived, was a bit shocked, Adrenalin ran through my veins, but this was it. I repeated this pose and I didn't fall a second time.
Mayurasana was the big surprise. I could hold this pose for 3 breaths. Ha, I don't believe it.

With  2 kilo less my practice would be easier, much easier. Look what I've put on my scales till I had gathered 2 kilo: a book, my journal, my calender and my coffin for my sunglasses. It's heavy all together. And this equals  what I carry around with me all the time. Shall these 2 kilos melt like snow in the sun.

Tomorrow is primary on the schedule. Focus shall be back bending. My hands must walk much closer to the feet when I practice urdhva dhanurasana.
Back bending gets better and better. This is my mantra.

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Alice said...

I sympathise with you, falling. I too, fell in a simplified version of this pose last week. I ended up stamping on my own knuckles! Ouch! I had to laugh, but it could have been worse. I too practise quite near a wall and it's alarming to think how hard we could bang our heads if we did overbalance.

However, I'm glad you got nothing more than a nasty surprise, and that your backbends felt great, too. It's so satisfying when the things that challenge us become easier.

I just watched one of your videos; your "jumping forwards" from downward dog is so graceful I can only aspire to it! I will do it without looking like an elephant! Every day I improve.

Thank you for all your informative posts!

Ursula said...

Thank you for reading.

Jumping forward (and backward) is an art. It's work on progress here, too......:)

San said...

2 kilos? haha, lucky you, I say. Try 12 kilos instead. Thats what I want to get rid off.

Anyway, have a great new year. You will find your way soon.