Monday, January 17, 2011


Jungle camp again: There was the impression that this wonna be model could have given a bit more. She should crawl through an earth tunnel with different sorts of animals in it like spiders, rats. 11 stars were hidden there and every star symbolizes one meal for the group. After 1 min out of the 8 the model couldn't breathe anymore out of fear. She said the sentence: I'm a celebrity, get me out of here. She was saved.
She considered herself as a hero and thought she had done the most difficult test ever. She was so done that she wasn't able to clean some dishes later. No, she was not convincing. The stay in the jungle camp gives the opportunity to experience the own limits. One has to fight, but also to fight is obviously something that must be learned. What reached a limit was surely her self-pity.

The spectators are merciless. Today she must do the next test. She and a man are voted, and it's exactly the man who showed  the most misunderstanding re the behaviour of the wonna be diva. The fun can go on for us voyeurs.
The next test is called "Oktoberfest". It must have to do something with eating and drinking. I'm not sure what is more difficult, to crawl through and earth tunnel or to eat lively worms and other animals. It remains exciting.

Voyeurs.....oh this was sexy yesterday night. The one man removed his underwear so far that we, the spectators, the greedy TV watchers could see his wow most beautiful ass. Not enough. He put his hands on his buttocks and moved them up and down, separated them a bit. This is for the cameras, I thought, holding my breath, staring at the tube, not to miss anything. This is for us, for those who stay up every night till midnight. Then he turned around, ahhhhh, this devil, more he didn't show. Not yet.
Rainer is different. We have seen already everything from him inclusively penis, balls, we saw his front side and back side. It's natural. He jumps naked into the water, separates his legs, swims like a frog to shoo away a last cockroach that might be hidden somewhere on his body. Why not.

Limits: This was the topic of yesterday night. Most of us don't go even close to the own limits. We think we are close, but this is not the case. More is possible. I'm looking forward to experience my limits during my yoga practice today. May I be able to go a bit further than yesterday, a bit only.....hahahaha.


Bettina said...

I agree, this guy showing his butt was the highlight of the show, definitively. :-)

Ursula said...

Yes, this was very HOT. :)

Paz said...

Gorgeous Ursula,

Life itself is a quest of curiosity.
The experiment of finding out what is possible and what is possible for us.

Unlimited love galore,


Ursula said...

Ahhhhhhh, first the bath with olibanum-vanilla essence.

I can think of an answer while feeling weightless in my bath tub.

:) Ursula

Paz said...

Supreme luxury is possible now.




Anonymous said...

Limits, what a great topic! My long time teacher tells me in class just yesterday..."your practice doesn't start at the beginning of class. your practice starts when you are getting tired, frustrated, when you're too busy, when you're overwhelmed, when you're sick, when things aren't easy. That's when your real practice starts."

Ursula said...

Oh yes, very curious!


unlimited love galore, wow,.....

smiling, love back o you Paz.


Ursula said...

Hi DianeCruz,
This are wonderful aspects. Thanks for commenting.