Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jungle camp....(or "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here.")

She left the camp. Sarah, the crazy one. She has much more to offer than being a model. She is a raw diamond. I so hoped she would stay. This old man (what was his name again?) fell on his knees even and begged her to go. She seemed so strong, but the gossip reached me: She wants to leave the camp. Sarah, how could you!!!!! She is the only one who has had the potential to be a jungle queen: beautiful enough for this role and complicated and provocative enough. Lesson: Never ever give up too early, never ever!!!!!

Rainer (70) does not want to do the dishes, because at home he licks his dishes clean (I crack myself up). This is why he doesn't like to do the dishes in the camp. He simply doesn't like to adjust to a life style of the average people not even for 14 days. Everybody has a life style and Rainer wants to clean his plates, cups and spoons with his tongue. Yes, why not.

This Indian woman is really a nice person. Bravely she passed the tests. She grew with the tasks. She has silicon breasts because she wanted bigger ones. Dearest young lady you are not a bit more exciting or interesting due to bigger breasts. The only thing that has changed is the cup of your bras. And I thought the younger generation has a bit more self-confidence.

The other men in the camp are surely good-looking. They even shave their armpits. OMG, times have changed. Yeah, nice people but I do not fall off my chair when I try to remember them for this post.

I read in a book on writing novels: Readers won't read about the average person, they are average themselves. They prefer to read about the obsessed ones, the crazy ones, the murderers, betrayers and so on. To be exciting, however is the formula to success for this camp (and not to be nice and a group player)

Sarah, you devil, it was a mistake to go. Some opportunities in life appear only once.To become jungle queen is such a unique opportunity. But this you cannot know yet. I know.

I also know, and this is a recommendation from prof blogger, that it is good advice not to publish posts too often. I cannot. Hahahaha. I love to write.

It's all a happening. Everybody moves, speaks as he/she has to. There is no choice.

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Paz said...


Things always happen on time.
Even people who leave reality shows.
Despite or in behalf of the highest interested of all concerned.


Who knows?
Maybe the real deal is waiting to meet her right out there.



Ursula said...

Yeah, everything perfect as it is.

I'm not sure if I liked to meet her in reality. I fear I prefer to watch her more or less secretly. But I hope that she has found like-minded people. Yes, she has friends, too.

Good evening and love. Ursula

lilasvb said...

i like your yoga blog

Ursula said...

:) Thank you for reading. Yes, be entertained.