Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jumping back.......

 This is the first step: It needs strength. I learned that it is important to bring the legs to the torso as close as possible. When I experience a pose difficult, I remember the breath and the bandhas. It's helpful to engage the abdomen as much as possible. The higher I lift the body the easier is the next step.

 Second step: I take the legs backwards without touching the floor with the feet. It happens with an exhaling. It needs strength, too. Really. But from this position, I'll will never be able to stretch my legs backwards to land into chaturanga dandasana. I'm so far not able to move my head forward. The goal is to bring the hips upwards. It is for me as if I have to travel from Germany to Hawaii within one breath. Impossible. I try to swing my body forwards and backwards. I have this exercise from the book by Gregor Maehle. Buh, this is exhausting.

Variations: From some positions like marychiasana A the jumping backwards is a bit varied. This makes it easier. When my one leg is on my arm it can be seen how far I've to go forward when I want to be able to stretch my legs. I'm able to jump back from bakasana. Sometimes I'm also able to jump back, when only one leg rests on my arm. The picture shows it. It's clear, I have to move the entire body forward and I have to bend the arms. Am I still not strong enough or is my technique not yet the correct one, I wonder?

I watched videos yesterday to see how my fellow yogis/yoginis do it. This is very helpful and motivating. There are also very good slow motion movies on YouTube.

Tips are welcomed.

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