Saturday, January 15, 2011

It shall be a joy.......

Yesterday night I watched TV. I usually sit on the floor when I do this. This position invites me to put my body in yoga poses. The body was so soft yesterday night. The time, it was night already surely was a reason for this flexibility. To be in all these forward bending asanas and even twists felt so relaxing. I really enjoyed it, even the bit of stretching discomfort was a pleasure.

So great it can be to perform asanas, I thought. To experience such lightness and joy would be great to have also during my morning practices. I plan to stay so long in an asana till I feel relaxed and ready to go on with the next movement. Why to hurry? Currently I have time, I can practice slower if this is easier and more relaxing.

When I practiced yoga 25 years ago, we practiced an asana and remained in that asana for a very long time, motionless. This was an exercise for the mind. Not to move was the challenge, not the performance of a position. Nowadays the body is much more in the center of the attention when we practice. I shift my attention to the mind again.

I know it must be a joy to practice. The importance of setting goals is without question. To have a plan how to accomplish these goals is equally important. Too much ambition can spoil a practice. Being on the mat it seems to be good advice to let go of all the goals. Letting go again, yes. To be as intensive as possible in the given moment is what can be done to make a practice to a satisfying one.

Beauty, elegance shall be seen when I practice and not the painful effort that comes too with the practice from time to time. I love the compliment: It looks all so easy when you do this asana.

When I practice I think each time when I exhale "let go". This allows me to go very deep into an asana. Let go, I think, let go (of all the concepts, goals, must-happen-thoughts), let go.

"I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" is a programme that I like to watch. It started yesterday and it will last 14 days. It's no more so exciting as it had been the first times when this programme was broadcasted. It's still interesting. All the exercises that the jungle inhabitants have to perform are mainly mind exercises. To conquer fear and disgust can be done with  a helpful mindset. It's amazing what can be done with supportive minds. The people who attend the camp are trained. To keep lively worms/snakes (or whatever) in the mouth for a certain amount of time is surely easier when the imagination is strong enough to believe that it's chocolate. I'd like to know what the candidates imagine.
In this sense I will step on my mat with the thought: it's easy baby and a great joy to practice.

Picture of today is taken by Mahesh. A sunrise.
What a perfect moment to finish a yoga practice at the time when the sun rises.
Thank you for this unique picture.


Paz said...


I know you'll love this:

Flowing to you, the sweetest of embraces.


Ursula said...

Yes, I love this youtube video...:)
A picture says more than 1000 words.
I watched the video after an excellent practice with not much thinking, a joyful practice happened.

A happening. Energy in movement.
Thank you for your love and sweetness.