Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I swear on strong routines......

Yesterday morning I got up later as wished. I knew I had nothing to eat at home for breakfast. So I went out first to get something. It took much longer as thought as I had a long chat with the sales person at the bakery. No relevant information were exchanged. The contents of our conversation was more or less that other people are awful. After the visit at the bakery I decided to get the toilet paper, too. It was after 1pm when I was finally on my mat. My yoga practice started very good, very focused, then I looked at my watch and got nervous. Back bending must happen, I thought. Three times I did kapotasana. I walked my hands to the feet as far as I  could. I have no clue how far I came. It frustrated me that my hands didn't reach the toes. I know that I have to be patient, it's within reach, but I won't reach the toes in January. Not to think of the goal, simply to do it is a solution to avoid disappointment. After the twists I gave up. I had enough.

My E was at home because he was reported sick. My immune system was not so strong as I wished it were. I'm coughing now, too, not as much as he did, I also feel rather good, but yes, a bit of coughing happens. E didn't disturb me, because most of the time he slept. Only in the evening he made phone calls while lying on the bed.

Yeah, and then it was evening and I prepared a healthy salad for us:

Afterwards I did the dishes.
I wanted to make this second work day of the new year also prolific. Monday was so good.
On my goal list is again to declutter my home. The bathroom should be the first room. I  wondered why I have so many things. This is because I do not know what I have. I made a list of everything I have.  Now I know what I have to use up and what I need to substitute when used up.

A list of all the stuff I have is in my bathroom now and before I buy something new, I'll check if I have it already in one of my boxes. That way I hope I'll have soon less stuff. Becoming essential is it. It facilitates life.

Back to a morning routine that works:
- up at 6
- writing my journal first
- at 9 I want to be on my mat for a last second series of this week. Amen.

PS: I found an online shop that allows me to sell my art (my pictures) on mugs and bags and T-shirts. This can be good. Stay tuned. :)

Ushtrasana can be seen on the picture. A back bending pose that I really love.


Rebecca Sue Peters said...

I have been thinking about decluttering as well. I have so many boxes of stuff I don't need. It gets dusty and takes up space!

Ursula said...

I think it is an ongoing process. It always feels good, when done. To simplify life is good, for sure.

Anna said...

"on my gaol list" - so funny becasue you meant "goal list" but gaol is Amercian English for prison (jail) and those "to do" lists do start to feel like a prison!!!

Ursula said...

This is great. It was not on purpose, but I like tha association. It's a wonderful game with words.