Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I deserve to write about it.......

Yeah, I worked well.  To clean a bookshelf needs a lot of strength. There is so much dust there. Clouds of dust I had to vacuum away. Each and every book must be cleaned separately with a dish towel. I found treasures, but other books had to go. My throat is dusty now. I have accomplished a lot. I'm not yet through all my book shelves, I live like in a library, I'm a book lover. Tomorrow I'll go on. After every session I finish my work with carrying the discarded stuff down to the backyard. Done, I think, done and I feel relieved. Away with this burden.

There are also funny moments. I found an old love letter written by me, dated March 1985. Yeah, so I am, I thought. I decided not to quote it. I always loved to write obviously. Hahahaha.

When I have no space, things have to go. And I don't have much space and I don't need more.

My insights: I do not have enough space here to store goods. I must sell intellectual property and no carpets, or blankets when I want to have a business.  I also want to live in a way that I can invite a friend without apologizing myself because of the mess.

I walk around and enjoy the air. It's already so much better. Space symbolizes wealth. Tightness is as if I'm in prison and who does not like to break out of it. Life must become simpler for me, much simpler.

The book "The 4 hour work-week" by Ferris is great. I had to read twice what stood there: Don't schedule to work 5 hours a day, but 2. Two?, I thought, two? Hahahaha. But he is so right. We all tend to keep ourselves busy and avoid the things that really have to be done. When only 2 hours are available for work, one is forced to focus on the really relevant work, one has to be productive and not busy busy busy.

And tomorrow I hopefully throw out all these yoga journals. For what do I need them? Practice is 99% and the 1% information I get online. Not always, and I like to look at the pictures, even though I cannot remember anymore when I've looked at these yogini models the last time. Mainly I look at them when I consider to throw out these magazines. Shall these magazines accompany me till my death, I just wonder????? NO!!!!!!

I don't want to move because of too much stuff. Things shall not have so much influence on my life.

Actions first, then possessions. Better to travel to India than to read books on it. Ah, here we go.

E just called me. He is on a business trip in Italy till Thursday night. The food is too delicious in Italy and all the business dinner......yeah, further words are redundant.

Time to take a bath, I intend to go out........


Paz said...


It takes courage to embrace the law of detachment fully and it's so inspiring to follow your letting go experiment.
Clutter is noise and when it's gone, we suddenly realize that we are not those things, but the love that only wants to touch them with passionate goodbye.
Presence requires a lot of empty space where we become the owners of everything AS and WITHIN ourselves.

A absolutely adore your adventure.
And I love you, being so fluid.


Anonymous said...

I really like your posts about the decluttering process. I think it is just as important as a facial exfoliating, the energies in "stuff" can become stagnant and weigh us down. I too have a HOUSE FULL of book shelves in many rooms. The energy of adventures, knowledge and inspirations imbedded on my walls. I took the shelves out of our bedroom this winter, however, and I'm finding I sleep better with less night wakening and more restful.

Ursula said...

Yes dear Paz, it takes courage to let go. A vacuum is created with throwing things out.
New things can come and they are even invited to come. I'm ready. :)

So wonderful that you accompany me.
I send you some love, smiling...:)

Ursula said...

Dear Debra,
Thank you for your comment.

Nobody wants our old stuff one day. It's a burden for ourself if it's no more fun. Stuff creates work and steals our time.

I'm learning. These clutter posts are thrown out, they are almost vomitted out like my garbage. This is funny I think. Away with it. And then I go on with other things.
Have a wonderful evening.