Saturday, January 08, 2011

How to create a mantra

"I will never ever give up!" is not a good mantra.
The mind hears and understands "give up". These negative messages make everything more complicated.

Messages to the mind need to be positive.
It's better to say: "I love to practice back bending every day. It gets better and better."

When you say to someone: "Don't think of your first school", he/she is likely to think of her first school.
When you say to someone: "Don't imagine a pink elephant", he/she creates a pink elephant in his/her mind.

Be positive with the messages to your mind.

It's easy for me to formulate positive sentences regarding my yoga practice.
Regarding my job life I've given up myself. This is not a bad message, probably it's a very good message. I've done everything that was within my possibilities. Money was spend on further education, coaches, books, clothes. It didn't help that much. My working life in companies was often the hell for me. Sometimes it was good, without doubt, but not good enough to want to get back. What to do now? The question remains in 2011.
I gave up myself, I have no ideas anymore, I surrendered. I look up to the sky, ceiling in my case (all good things come from above. Not always, hahahaha) and whisper:
Tell me, what is the next tiny step that I shall do, the next tiny step that I'm able to do. And give me the energy to start. NOW.
Somehow always a message is sent. And then I follow this message. Everything out of control, it's absolutely OK.

I've 2  new online shops, one in the USA, one in Germany.
If you like to have one of my pictures that I publish here on my blog, on a cup or a cravat (for the business yogis), a bag or a keyring pendant, please let me know. Perhaps you like one of my pictures as a poster?, also this is possible.


It was a good day today. I decluttered and cleaned. To let go is so important. To live doesn't mean to gather things and then to care for it. I cannot throw out everything, I love to live with books. But not each and every book must spend it's life here on my book shelf. It's work on progress, like everything.


Paz said...

Dear Ursula,
Maybe it's about making a living from your passion. You are in love with yoga and healthy eating. You could be an amazingly wonderful yoga-veggie coach one-on-one. You could travel a lot, meet new people, stay with them for a while, teach them how to fall in love with your lifestyle and do yoga and cook and speak about these things all the time and become a personal yoga trainer.



Ursula said...

Dear Paz,
Thank you very much for your ideas and your wonderful comment.
I was asked once to teach yoga on a one-on-one basis. Of course I said yes.
I do have some ideas in the direction of coaching. I need a headquaters, my home. I love to travel, but with my bf. I'm not so mobile. Yeah, but why not, the yes is always closer to me than the no.

I'm curious what the year 2011 will bring, very curious.

Much love back to you.

Paz said...

Well, there are close-to the on-the-go ideas, too.
You can offer weekend spa-like seminars (renting a nice place and paying it with part of the fare. You can also take a few monday to friday clients to work at their homes and prepare them veggie dinner. You can also offer weekend yoga and speed proprioceptive writing, applying techniques such as Natalie Goldberg's, Anne Lamott's, Brenda Ueland's, Julia Cameron's..., sharing your Advaita insights, organizing group yoga travels to India, and my intuition points strongly to write a book not on eating and diet, but on savoring the daily rituals of allowing things happen. You go for discipline, and love the structure, but your most enviable talent is FLOWING.
Your own life should be the topic.
Look what a Bang was eat pray love and believe me, your journal is much more juicy and less conventional and beautiful because the sophistication of simplicity.
There are lots of ways you can capitalize what is already present and shining and would not hurt of affect your bf a bit!

Love, sweetie


Ursula said...

What a comment. I read it several times. Thank you.
Your words give me self-confidence. And courage too. Courage to go on with all these crazy plans in my mind.

I can imagine to give workshops on writing, on journaling. Perhaps I can do this. Yes, I can do this.

I'm convinced nowadays that it is possible to do different things in a lifetime. Why not.
Energy is felt. You're one of the voices from heaven that tell me to go on. I listen. And I go on.

Wow, what compliments you made me. :) smiling, thank you.


aimee said...

Lovely blog Ursula.
Glad to have found you.
Have a nice evening,

Ursula said...

Be entertained Aimee, be entertained. Thank you for reading.