Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy new year

The year is 24 min young. It has started again........oh, happy new year again.


Claudia said...

Happy new year Ursula!

Quentin said...

Less than 6 hours from here. We are leaving in an hour to meet friends at Indian Point on the Singing River celebrating the New Year casually. I will be the designated driver.
Happy New year to My Yoga Blog and those that follow.

tanya said...

greetings for the new year

tanya said...

greetings for the new year

Tui said...

Best wishes for the new year Ursula- may it bring great experiences and fortune your way.

Anna said...

Happy New Year, Ursula. May you be flexible, serene and happy – all the way to 95!

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna, I wish you the same. Psssst, I want to become 100.

A wonderful next year to you.

Of course a happy new year to everybody.