Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guess, how I feel now?

Yes, fantastic.

This morning thoughts came up again to stop with my decluttering project. It's enough now, I thought. I won't find things to discard anymore. Am I glad that I didn't believe myself. This thought is already so familiar.

1. Better not to think too much anymore, when a plan already exists. It's true for all activities also for the yoga practice.

2. I set a time limit. I wanted to work 1 hour. I worked like a wild one and I wanted to go on after an hour. Amazing how much was already accomplished after only 60 min. Why not going on? I had to take advantage of my mood and energy.

3. Better to throw the books out than to sell them. It's too time consuming to sell them online. Mr Ferriss reminded me of the pareto principle. It's surely a very good advice to focus on the 20% activities that bring the best results. I won't make an income with selling my old books or returning my empty bottles. Ah, it's only to keep me busy, busy, busy.

4. To finish an activity is also important. It's part of it to take the vacuum cleaner to the storage room and the ladder, too. I even cleaned on top of the wardrobe, this is why I needed this ladder. OMG, this was so necessary, all the clouds of dust there, impossible. When the tools are at their places again, the success can be enjoyed. And I do enjoy my results. I walk around, and think: this was a good session.

5. I delegate already, but there is still a lot to do for myself.

6. I read a lot of books on organizing and managing time. I think it's good to do the personally most difficult things first (and not 3 tiny tasks first to be motivated i.e.). We are all different, it's worth to experiment to find out what is best.

Oh, was I thirsty after this cleaning/decluttering session.

It's already afternoon. I'm ready for my yoga practice. Primary today. This is good, it's easier than second series. It will be a piece of cake now.........hahahaha......

Focus, focus, focus shall be the breath.........


Paz said...


As a former control freak myself, I can tell you that although Tim is gorgeous and fascinating (you oughta read the 4 hour body!), any type of organizing and simplifying project can become a substitute for the real action, because it's addictive, soooo rewarding. I quit overplanning, overthinking, living in Discardia (land and universe of extreme simplicity)and traded them for the Pomodoro timer and a single question: What's next? before ending in a state of pathological-monacal austerity! Hahaha

We always know exactly what needs to be done next. But we often forget to ask what must be done next that brings me relief of joy?

Sometimes luxury is so zen, so tiny, so exquisite, so shibui, so wabi sabi, so affordable.
We are here to feel, experience and then let go.

What can I feel and experience with all of my senses?
Can this same pleasure be felt later or it's enough and this must go in the way of someone who is ready for it?

All for the intensely present fun of it.

Love your back.


Paz said...

You'll love this:

Ursula said...

Smiling,...dearest Paz, I love both links and your comments in addition.

You start influencing my life. The pomodorotechnique is great. 25 min and 5 min break is a very good time. It's possible to add another pomodoro and an hour of work is done, quickly. Yes, this is my time management technique from now on. :)
It's also good for a post.

What's next: Thai restaurant: tofu with vegetables in red curry.
What's next in your life? May something awesome happen....:)

Thanks for the compliment....ah.
Have a good night. xoxo Ursula

Ursula said...

I checked his latest book by Tim Ferriss, too. The reviews on amazon were different. When you say it's worth reading, I must have it. :)

Paz said...

4 hour body is about owning body and life as an ongoing experiment.

Your back is the back of a strong and confident woman.

Your body is your ever evolving piece of art. Your merit, your accomplishment.

Being fit to enjoy and also to survive and thrive in difficult situations. People use to diet and exercise for the wrong reasons.
Your blog is so interesting because it points to the right direction.

To use a body well, to love it, to experience life through it, to stand it tall and proud.

The teaching of these foundations is simple, but seemingly elusive for most fitness and lifestyle writers.

I love your blog.


Ursula said...

I couldn't have said it better. Thank you. Yes, that's it.

I celebrate my body for the body's sake.

Wow. Paz, thank you.

C.K. said...

Are you throwing the books away? Or is there a place where you can donate them?

Ursula said...

Hi Cara,
I tried to give books to the library, but they don't want that. They only want new books.

All donations/selling is action that lasts too long. Things don't get done that way. This is why I throw them out.
I have too many books in addition that I discarded. Who shall carry them to a cafe or elsewhere. I won't ruin my back. Antiquariats don't come and pick them up.

Inhaling, exhaling....letting go.

Throwing them out is the best solution (for me).

Anonymous said...

I went to the pomodore technique website and had a realization that I have been practicing this technique instinctively for a few years now! I usually do one hour and then a 15 minute break, but I am inspired to try the 25/5 technique. I too have been decluttering, purging, organizing and it feels fantastic.. winter is a great time to do this - the outside does not call me. It is 20 degrees F BELOW zero here today in the midwest, USA! Thank you Paz for your posts too, I am in gratitude for your effort in sharing. The earth really is a connected space aren't we?
Namaste, Debb