Saturday, January 01, 2011

The gap

There is a gap between inhaling and exhaling. This gap separates clearly the movements. It can make sense to focus on that gap between inhaling and exhaling, between different movements. The gap is the moment of silence and motionlessness. It's the time to get prepared to another quality of breath. With the inhaling I inhale energy, I gather power, with the exhaling I let go. The exhaling happens from alone. My pranayama teacher in India draw my attention to it. "Don't mix the movements", he told me and he was right. Each movement must be exercised in full length. Then there is a gap, then follows the next movement and breath.

I also think that the practice looks more beautifully when the movements are clearly separated and when not everything is a plum pudding.

Urdhva Vrksasana can be seen on the picture. It's a wonderful pose for the first day of the new year. It shows clearly the extremes. If done consciously I feel grounded. My toes are separated, the sole is firm on the ground. My feet stick to the ground. At the same time I stretch to the sky (here ceiling). The hips are erected. The arms move upwards, but before they have reached the end position they stretch to the sides (if there is no neighbour yogi/yogini!). When they are in the end position, then there is a gap, before the trip goes on.

Time to do some bhakti yoga (service to others): I'll get some Krapfen for my ill E before I step on the mat.

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lilasvb said...

happy new year! enjoy 2011

denise said...

Dear Ursula, I wish you a great and happy 2011!
Thank you for all your nice posts

liveloveyoga said...

I consider the gap the time when "yoga" really happens.

Ursula said...

Happy new year, thank you for reading my posts.

The gap is important!