Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fasting and breathing.......

I go on a fast, an information fast. From input to output is the motto.
It looks as if I've still something to do........
It's a long way to a simple life. :)
Hahahaha, and the buddha statue sits on top to have an overview.....
The book "The 4 hour-week" is so convincing. Ferriss is a man who shares his knowledge that comes from actions and experiences not from reading.
I'm working every day on my decluttering, cleaning, organizing project. Every day I get closer to my goal to have simplicity at my home. I only want to have things here that I really need and love. I discard everything that has no value for me anymore. It's liberating. I enjoy the space that I create, the lightness.

Ashtanga yoga:

One aspect is so important that I want to repeat it here.
The breath initiates the movement. 
This is not chicanery, it makes an Ashtanga yoga practice easier. It's impossible to hold the breath for an eternity, sooner or later I have to exhale or I have to inhale. When the movement follows (a tiniest bit later) also the movement comes naturally.
There is a break between inhaling and exhaling, a little pause, not too long, not too short....:). It separates different actions (inhaling, exhaling, moving forward, moving backwards).
Yesterday it was not so easy to start my Ashtanga yoga practice. It was afternoon, when I finally was on my mat. The simple trick to focus on this moment when the inhaling/exhaling started made it so much easier.
Finally I had an excellent practice. I added only hanumanasana. No repetitions of asanas that I want to learn and that need extra attention were done. The energy level varies from day to day.
I had a practice with flow.

I'm looking forward to my practice today.
Let go, I think, when I exhale, let go and this thought allows me to get deeper and deeper into an asana..........

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sunanda said...


A nice read. Would love your blogs to cover other such topics connected to Yogic life for us to get a better understanding.

I have join yoga class and so this is my latest fancy in life.

Ursula said...

Thank you for reading and encouraging me to write also about other topics than the yoga practice itself.

Cordially greetings.

Paz said...


Needing to know is the ultimate attempt of ego mind to control what comes next. The truth is that we just need to know what we know in this moment and let the following unfold.
Info glut has become a serious problem for the most of us. Hoarding information doesn't mean that we are wise and takes a lot of time to digest and process. Brain is a glucose glutton: overthinking leads to overeating.
Shedding loads of weight, fat, fluids, archives, books is easy as pie: releasing the pattern of need that keeps us believing that if we don't incorporate whatever is on hand we will die.
The more I live, the more I realize that we only get what we need, not what we think that need and want. And it's always provided with an astounding and sychronistic British punctuality.

You are becoming light by choosing to be light.
And that's courageous and inspiring.

Love, love, love


Paz said...

Anna said...

Keep going Ursula - it's as necessary as keeping your body weight down.

Ursula said...

So true words Paz, so true.

All that stuff that is around me is like a knight's armor. It prevents me from moving freeling, not to speak about flying. :)

Stuff can keep me busy and for the real good things I have no time anymore.

It's also important to go through habits, thoughts, concepts and declutter them merciless.

I'm not sure if everything that is needed gets delivered on time, but I see that if not, it's not my guilt or mistake. What a relief.

Of course Anna, I go on. Today was a day off. It feels so good to let go, that I have to go on. This must be done.

Decluttering is an ongoing process as I see it.

Ursula said...

Dear Paz, I love this mug. :)

Have a great evening. xoxo Ursula