Friday, January 21, 2011


In the jungle camp is a woman, a model who is experienced difficult by the other campers. Why? I only want to mention one reason: She was voted to do a test and she refused to do it. She didn't like to pick up stars that were hidden in holes in a wrack. In the holes of course were not only stars but also rats and spiders and other animals. No star means no food for the group. Hahahaha........The others became angry. They want her to go. Hahahaha.

Do you feel it?

Energy. Pure energy. But nobody of the group sees the potential of this energy. This crazy girl creates feelings in them and the others make nothing out of it, but complaining about her. Even R who is experienced in meditation shows the expected and boring reaction. They all want to have the blond devil differently. They don't accept what is. They are not amused nor entertained. They show anger. Yawn, yawn here.
It's courage to refuse to do what others expect. She breaks the rules. Some authors even recommend this in order to become successful. She will also leave the camp with new experiences, but she created them for herself. She refuses to do these awful tests. I understand this. One must say, she was voted the fifth time already to do a test. Probably because she did everything so half-hearted, pretending each time it was the most difficult test. Our perception of what is, is different. But this IS true for everybody.

I searched the web later to read what the public opinion is: some like her, some hate her, some are convinced  "this is it what makes the show so good".

It's energy babies, that she is creating in others, it's a gift, it's something that can be transformed.
Sometimes I'm really good at using this firstly "negative" energy for something different. For instance someone steps on my heels in the underground. This usually creates anger in me. I can hear myself sometimes saying: "Take care of your steps!!! But sometimes another thought is faster when I feel anger coming up. Use this, use this, it's energy, I think then. This is a kick, this has the potential to make me doing something, saying something, creating something, writing something, doing another push-up that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.  Not always this is possible.

Our wonna be survival men and women do not even think that far. They bore us with known behavioral patterns. OK, they are hungry.....ohhhhhh..........

Mysore class:
Oh, I'm so thankful that M is back again. I went to a Mysore class this morning. I missed this so much. Oh, am I happy now that this Mysore show can go on.
Yes, it was great to practice in a group again. The yogis/yoginis have the potential to influence my practice for the better. They give me energy only through their presence. I'm even more focused on my own practice and I'm able to practice more intensively.  I exploit this energy shamelessly for my own practice. It was an excellent one. Ah.

Tip for jumping forward: Day in day out, month in month out, year in year out I exercise to jump through and each time one foot is touching the mat. This drives me crazy. Yesterday I had a closer look what is happening. I jump and shift my weight on my hands. The imagination is that I balance on my hands. I don't think that I jump through. I cross my legs. I crossed them so far rather close at the wrists. When I cross them a bit higher my foot touches the floor much much less. I'll work on this tiny variation now. I have the feeling this helps me.

A story at the end that I found in the autobiography of Osho. Once he hold a speech in public and an educated man got so angry about Osho's words that he threw a shoe at him. Osho caught it and asked for the second one, as he wanted to open a shoe shop, he pretended. After this event this man wrote every year letters to Osho and asked him to forgive him. But Osho wrote back each time that he didn't forgive him, because he was not injured. Yeah Osho, a friend he wanted to be..........he is.
(Oshos autobiography is a recommendation if you haven't read it so far.)


Paz said...


It's rather common to observe these patterns in people. Stuck in group mentality, judgment and non-solution-focused treatment of situations.
It's said that we react most intensely when our deepest buttons and strings are touched and pulled (repressed, disowned, supressed emotional stuff or whatsoever).

Funny to notice how much cortisol and adrenaline are spilled, when the "strong back, soft front" strategy works wonders in just a moment. It takes only a reminder to breath, but there we go, into the same wars over and over.
To tell the stories that support the annihilation drive again is much more appealing than a compassionate and here-now approach, especially in reality shows. The more blood, anger, revenge and suffering the better to raise audiences up!

Karma shifts are boring because they take patience and time.
But those who are truly curious about growing up and interested in the depths of human behavior, find a lot of pleasure from being the bearing witness of these tv social experiments, a bit anthropologic, a bit borderline, a bit narcissistic.

Anything can be enlightening if watched with the right eyes.

Your photo today has a Hammershøi quality.

I love these dialogs.


Paz said...

Click on the images, as if you were at the gallery. Details of these austere and ultra simple and ultra silent rooms are exquisite.


Ursula said...

Dear Paz,

finally people are the most interesting topic. Yeah this is the only programme I watch and I like it.

A picture is necessary for every post. Not always I'm really happy about the result, but better a lousy pic than no pic. Hahahaha. The Hammers....pic are great, very organised and planned, atmospheric. Very beautiful picture.

Friday evening.....
Time to relax.
Love to you and fun and exciting events.

Ursula said...

Just ordered Tim's last book. I love his writing style and courage. I'm courious now.

To approach life as an experiment pleases me.......

Have a great evening....

Paz said...

Tim's second book is all about the inexhaustible possibilities of experimenting with our bodies, level of fitness and most of all, the outrageous, daring and revolutionary decision to become our number 1 experts and fitness gurus of ourselves.
It's much more interesting than the 4 hour week. You'll like it a lot. It's inspiring. But believe me: you are doing wonderful already. Your body is the proof. Caloric restriction and gentle, yet challenging yoga is THE solution to stop aging.

Tim (who is not a vegan) has outlined a vegan chapter/experiment.
You'll love the injury/injury prevention part. He selected the best exercises (Egoscue-like) to bring relief to stiff and contracted athletic bodies. And they work. But in general lines, the book is a pocket bible on health self reliance and self healing. And sound nutrition/supplementation.

Sleep well, honey.
And sleep black coffee at awaking.

Pd: Tim swears by caffeine fat burning potentials.
I am sensitive even to green tea's caffeine, but I do well with white tea + a bit CLA.

Ursula said...

Already afternoon......late afternoon.

Time for a second cup of black coffee.

Oh, time flies, especially today the afternoon arrived very quickly.

I hope you had a good day so far dear Paz.

Nutruition was and is a topic in my life. I'm looking forward to that book.

The greatest gift yoga and a vegan life style can give is a healthy life and a quick death. One of my fav yogis Danny Paradise said this in a workshop. He has observed some yogis and they were active till the end and then came the end rather quickly. Life needn't to aggravate. It's possible to enjoy till the end. It's a great motivation to do the daily practice.

Today is my day off. I'm not bored. :)

Love and fun for you. xo Ursula