Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Difficult people......

Yesterday I watched again the "jungle camp", how we call here the programme "I'm a celebrity get me out of here".

Difficult people yeah, it can be evening filling this topic.
Difficult people are part of life. That's so.
Difficult people are sometimes difficult for themselves.

It's surely worth to think about what we experience as difficult:
- unreliability?
- quick changing moods?
- people who are simply different to us?

Of course there are methods to handle different behaviours of our difficult colleagues, friends, neighbours, clients, guests in restaurants. I have a lot of books here on that topic.

One should not forget:
Difficult people are entertaining.
Difficult people give an opportunity to use the emerging energy for our own projects.
Difficult people are stuff of books.
Difficult people give an opportunity to grow and learn.

Last but not least the insight might help: We are all not responsible for what is happening. There is no doer, but body-mind organism, who act as it is supposed to be regarding the genes and the conditioning. We cannot be different as we are.

No, buh, I wouldn't have been able to eat puréed rat tail. Alone the thought of it makes me feel sick. My admiration for the candidates.
I'd prefer to starve, thinking of Kate Moss, who once said: No food is so delicious as it feels good to be slim. That's what I would also say to the others when I'd return with no star and when they all had to be hungry with me. Difficult,difficult....hahahaha.

I definitely prefer to experience myself on the mat practicing Ashtanga yoga. It's time again for second series.

Picture: Munich


Barabara davis said...

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Paz said...


Difficult people are a wonderful mirror of disowned and suppressed aspects of ourselves. They are us, coming home to us. They are Rumi's guest house visits.
And they are also our soul-choices.
The best gurus, the best lovers, the best teachers, the best coaches, the best source of self-improvement information.
And they are relentless and exhaustible, they show us the exact place of the house where we hoard our secret, maggoty, stinky stuff to uncover it, declutter it, take it out.
They invite us to change, they pull our strings, they coax us into playing our most challenging pieces of our sacred music.



Ursula said...

Dear Paz,

The poem by Rumi is so wonderful. I'd like to publish it in one of my posts to come. Thank you for sending it to me.

May I ask you? I know that Advaita is a vocabulary that says something to you. How did you get in touch with this shift of perception.

I wish you an exciting day....:)

Paz said...


I've always felt an inner sense of connection to everything. And also a sense that life was easier when I wasn't in charge, just experiencing it.
I became a buddhist after an early sexual abuse, a rape at 18, an extreme anorexia, a whole lot of losses and extreme emergency landings as altered states of consciousness.
One day, a quote by Papaji (If you address the mind with "Who are you?" it will disappear) found me.
And since then, I'm not longer a seeker, I'm open to the visit of whatever, I'm present, in awe and surprise.

It's not always like that, but mostly. And it's sweet. Just being is sweetness.
When I struggle I know that I'm wrestling with a belief instead of letting it just pass through.
As Mooji says, I don't let experience leave a tatoo or a scar.
And when I do, I know it is because I see it there.
Not an advaita follower, no longer a typical buddhist or a disciplined yogini or a novelist.
Just me, appearing within as life moment to moment.
Curious and alive.

Love you.

Ursula said...

Oh, dear Paz,
Thank you for your honest and private answer. I only publish it because I know that you're anonymous here.

I'm not a seeker anymore either. I only was this for a short period of time. Hahahaha. Am I glad that I hadn't waste too much time on seeking something. Most people even don't know what they seek, and this doesn't make the seeking and finding easier. Seeking can be exciting, it often comes with trips to India. This can make it challenging to let go of the seeking activities.

Let's enjoy/observe or simply live the variety of life, it's sweetness as well as it's bitterness. Let's welcome what is offered, it is so much.

I love your comments, they are touching.